Atara Schweky
Mom to 3. Wife. Creator of "Color me Twice" Yoga Mats. Yoga Instructor.

Luna Yoga Kids was founded by Atara Schweky, mom to 3 little children. Ataras' youngest child showed signs of behavioral and hyperactive tendencies at a young age. As many doctors suggest medication this was not something she thought as an option. Just as Atara healed her own anxiety and stress with Yoga, she knew she could teach yoga in the same way effectively with her child. Witnessing her children come home from school stressed and overcome with emotions they were unsure of how to cope with, Atara took it upon herself to figure out how to help them navigate what they were feeling in as natural of a way as possible. Focusing on breathing, teaching the fundamentals of HOW to breathe. Teaching Yoga in order to build strength, focus, and body awareness has shown remarkable growth. As a Yogi-Mom, Atara saw firsthand how miraculous incorporating yoga with her own children was. Seeing the change in behavior, attention span, and physical strength with her own little children she decided teaching children yoga and the basic survival skills for life was something that HAD to be shared. Learning to focus on and change your breathing is learning how to navigate your life in the utmost beneficial and basic way.

There is no such thing as too young for Yoga... It's called CHILDS POSE for a reason!!  

I am a certified Kids Yoga Instructor as well as a RYT200 Instructor. I received my 200 hour training from Lighthouse Yoga School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I teach Traditional JM Vinyasa Classes in the Tri State area of New York City. JM Vinyasa is a blend of Ashtanga, Bikram, Dharma, Forrest, and Iyengar Yoga. Blending all these practices of Yoga together brings a full mind + body practice that truly helps the individual see themselves and feel themselves in a clearer, sharper, stronger way. Helping the individual shed layers, making life and its everyday glory that much more incredible the way it was intended to be lived. 

My Teachers and Mentors that I have studied extensively from and owe so much gratitude for sharing their knowledge and beauty with me:

Jared McCann, a two time World Yoga Asana Champion and owner of Lighthouse Yoga School

Henry Winslow, World Yoga Asana Champion

Aviad Sasi

Chauncie Parchment

Vicky Grazi

Maia Berbichashvili