"Color Me Twice" Yoga Mat

"Color Me Twice" Art Therapy Coloring Mats are Double Sided. The Meditation Color Therapy side focuses on using Art Therapy to help kids unwind and allow for their mind and bodies to let go and de-stress. Nowadays, children are completely overstimulated and often times depleted of creativity. These color therapy Mindful Meditation Mats began as a result of witnessing the positive effects of coloring as a relaxation technique for children. After Atara finished her training to become a Kids Yoga Instructor the idea was all too clear.

"If my children enjoy the use of coloring as a way to unwind and calm down, Why not incorporate coloring as a therapeutic meditation exercise before a yoga class begins?" Using Color Therapy as a mindfulness exercise for children and teens to get in touch with how they are feeling is the perfect way to prepare for class or simply unwind at home after a long and stimulating day.

The positive affirmations on the Mat are there to remind children the importance of recognizing themselves in a strong and positive light. The Lunar Cycle on the opposite side of the Mat is there to remind us that just as the Moon is constantly going through changes of growth so too are we all, as humans. Yoga is a practice that can lead to a calmer and more balanced mind as well as a stronger more flexible body.