Daytime SoundBath + Meditation

Daytime SoundBath + Meditation

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BEACH CIRCLE in Brooklyn

exact location given after sign up

Tuesday June 4

12:00 - 1PM

Women’s Circle of Healing

incorporating Kundalini Kriyas and Tibetan Meditation 

while absorbing sound to reset our nervous system.

Deep Dive with:



Sound Healing

A womens circle spent learning breathwork to better heal the body and maximize both energy and moods. Different Meditation exercises will be taught. A Soundbath geared towards tapping into the different areas of our bodies that tension is stored. Sound vibration is a magical and powerful way of healing the body on a much deeper level than any poses of yoga can penetrate. 

come experience the magic for yourself. all of the healing lies within each of us. learning the tools to unlock it in a group shared collective allows for deep community and individual healing.



** Please book confidently.


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